Testing Trench Liners

Shelter and Construction Consultants recently helped Oxfam with testing trench liners in Mid Wales. There has been ongoing research into trench liners for the first phase of response in humanitarian emergencies, looking for a product that can withstand unstable soils, is easily transported, lightweight, cost effective and easy to use.

The liners were tested from construction to destruction, looking to see the ease of their construction, how well they coped in unstable soil and how they coped once pressure was applied to the liners.

The first to be tested was rectangular, made out of wooden slats and plastic material, the second was a circular design that was tightened using ratchet pulleys to hold it together and strengthen it. And the final design was made out of corrugated plastic sheeting.

As they could not be left in the soil over a week they had some pressure applied to them to get the sense of the pressure they would have to deal with in a humanitarian emergency.

Follow this link to the PDF of Oxfam’s report on the liners.

Trench Lining Test


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