CAT Timber Construction After Disasters

Shelter and Construction Consultants facilitated a practical workshop at Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Machynlleth, Mid-Wales.

The week long workshop required the MSc students to design and test a Temporary Learning Space with 2×1 timber batons and basic tools that they would receive from a humanitarian organisation after a disaster.

They also looked at timber, its strengths and properties, learning how to build trusses and beams, testing their strengths and assessing how they worked and performed.

Throughout the week there was an underlining theme of communication and the students learnt the importance of communicating effectively with beneficiaries and other stakeholders in a disaster to ensure that they received the Temporary Learning Space that they both needed and wanted.

The activity allowed the students to explore the main and basic principles of timber construction and how to develop and disseminate key messages that would assist Disaster Risk Reduction.

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