EWB Shelter After Disaster

IMG_0566IMG_0587IMG_0633IMG_0643In association with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Oxford Brookes University and Clarity Security Shelter and Construction facilitated a weekend training and practical experience for young engineers, architects, students and others.

Based on a conflict related disaster the participants were put in group each wIMG_0542ith a different scenario to provide and insight into single headed households, the elderly, minority groups and those with disability. Each team was provided with a ration of materials and a shelter tool kit to design and build a shelter, making use of locally available materials to supplement the construction.

TIMG_0553he experience provided an opportunity to identify the components of a shelters and how the application of simple engineering could maximise the strength and efficient use of materials.

The course also provided an opportunity to understand constraints around logistics and skills andIMG_0608 anIMG_0592 insight into the reality of being a refugee in terms of vulnerability, security and other needs such as income, water and sanitation, food and nutrition.

As an engineer it was important to understand context and the needs and capacity of the people being assisted.

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