Timber Workshop

SCC is currently in the process of creating a technical resource for timber construction in recovery.  SCC will be hosting a practical workshop (at the end of January) to investigate the practicalities of some of the details of this handbook by constructing a model shelter.  The workshop will principally look at the structural elements of the building with different ideas for cladding and rain water systems being investigated.  Attending the weekend workshop will be Jemma Houston,  a fully qualified architect who has recently completed a postgraduate course at Oxford Brookes in Shelter after Disaster; Jamie Lacey, a MSc st      udent at the University of Dublin who is currently looking at shelter; Matt Greene and possibly other BSc Building Studies students from Glyndŵr University; Phil and Paul, both experienced carpenters who work for Tŷ Afal Ltd; Rebecca and Andy Cook from Boccan Ltd, Boccan has had a large involvement in the graphic design of the technical resource for timber construction in recovery, and both have spent time in Malawi working on the recovery projects, following the earthquakes in 2009. The shelter will be able to be dismantled and reconstructed easily to be demonstrated at other venues. Follow SCC on facebook to follow the weekend.


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Transitional Shelter Workshop (March 2012)